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ring the mélée, w●as left to recuperate in the city hospi▓tal.They burst in upon us almost at th●e same time during my first days at Pe●te’s, and took the head of the ●board at once.Two nights later the ho▓spital patient—a youth of ni

駆ue of some job

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neteen▓—gave an exhibition of cool, collecte▓d grit that is rarely equaled even ●among seafaring men.A half-dozen of ▓us had stepped into a cabaret in the unconven▓tional section of the city.A quarrel began ove


●r some question of racial dislike.In the▓ free-for-all battle that ensued an It●alian drew a long, double-edged sheath ▓knife and sprang for the youth from Ba●ltimore.The latter had scarcel●y finished knocking

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down anoth●er assailant but, without stepping a●side ever so little, he calmly● grasped the finely ground blade i●n his left hand, and while the▓ blood gushed down his forearm, as the Ita▓lian strove to twist

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the knife out of his g▓rip of iron, he drew from his hip-pocket ▓a razor, opened it behind his back as▓ tranquilly as for a morning shave, ▓and slashed his opponent from ear to chi●n.With the Italian’s necktie

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bound ti●ghtly around his wrist, he march●ed homeward, singing plantati●on ballads at the top of his voice, washed ▓his mutilated palm in a bucket, tied it up w▓ith the tail of a shirt, and s▓allied forth in qu

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ecastle with a dozen ▓scars from sharp horns on his neck and body.Hi●s tales were rivaled 94by a Jama▓ican negro, the only survivor of a shipwrecked ●crew, who had risen to power in a Sou●th-Sea island, and by an Australian who was c▓redite

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Bernard Marcus

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e a d●rug on the market in Marseilles.Ther●e was one happy day when, in wandering about▓ the vieux port, where the fleet of “w▓indjammers” was rolling and pitching in a● heavy gale, I was promised extraord▓inary wages

ugh uninte

Willow Nona

Lead Designer

by the captain of a clum●sy barkentine, flying the checkerboard Gree●k flag, to help his depleted crew move the craft● to a safer mooring.He had picked up th▓e Antiguan and—strange to relate—Tony of th●e Belt; and toget

▓ The pro secution,

Zack Joel

Almighty Developer

her we tugge●d 95at hawser and brace for several hours, whil▓e the barkentine under our feet ●seemed undetermined after each roll whethe●r to right herself again or turn turtle●.But we got her re-moored at last, and● the

had ●not

Barbra Hollie

Booker & ALl things financial

three francs which the skip▓per dropped into my hand had a m●erry jingle which I had almost forgotten.A ●day’s work in the fish-market won m▓e as much more, and I seemed to have struc●k prosperity when, the following●

ing a case

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morning, I spent three hours in rolling win●e-barrels onto harbor trucks.But the● only reward which the truckman and the offici▓al taster offered when the task was done was  癜all the wine you can hold,” and my▓ humble capacity forced me to

accept ●much less than union wages.The six●-franc fortune dwindled gradually away, th

n my wages, should I ▓ever sign on.My list of